Course Outline HazCat® CA-028-RESP WMD/IC/Narc. 5-Day

The DHS approved five-day course provides in-depth instruction of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Industrial Chemicals and Narcotics detection and screening. HazTech has classes throughout the country and we can schedule a class at your facility. This process is quite simple… your Agency can be the “Host” of the class. We have a minimum of 12 students for the 4-day class, but if you can’t schedule enough people to meet the minimum we would contact other agencies in the area to meet or exceed the minimum class size. An additional bonus of being the “Host” is one free student seat for hosting the class and two free student seats if the class exceeds 18 a $2700.00 discount applies. Price: $900.00 per student. Minimum 12 students per 5-day.

Course Outline

The following five-day course provides in-depth instruction to the WMD, Industrial Chemical and Narcotic Testing. Students learn to use the HazCat® process, capable of detecting threats posed by radiological sources, explosive substances, acid-oxidizers, all 31 treaty-banned chemical weapons, as well as SampleCat® sample collection technology for evidentiary, unknown collection, and immuno-specific determinations. Students also learn slide-making techniques and operation of the MicroCat®, a research-grade Leica® phasecontrast microscope equipped with a high definition video camera to facilitate detection of biological potentials, capture and transmission of images.
Day 1:

  • Orientation and Administration
  •  Lecture: System Overview of the WMD / IC Course
  •  The instructor utilizing the Calcium Sulfate detection sequence demonstrates the three (3) Gateway tests (OXIDIZER/ACID TEST, WATER SOLUBILITY TEST and the CHAR TEST COMPLEX). These tests are called the Main Sequence Tests and form the basis for the detection of Industrial chemicals in the states of solid, liquids and mixtures. The underlying chemical theory of the HazCat® System is explained throughout the course.
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Identification of unknown Solids

Day 2:

  • Lecture & Laboratory: Identification of Unknown Liquids
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Identification of unknown acids and oxidizers
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Radiological
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Sample collection and retention

Day 3:

  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Explosive Test
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Advanced Char Test complex
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Reactive Chemical Weapons
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Non Water-Reactive Chemical Weapons
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Amino Acid
  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Slide preparation

Day 4:

  •  Lecture & Laboratory: Immunoassay and Narcotic detection

Day 5: 

  • Full WMD / IC Detection System – Lecture
  •  Full WMD Detection System – Proficiency Examination