HW6020 Vapor Pressure Standard

Observe how quickly the Unknown Liquid evaporates:
Distilled Water RE2300
Hexane RE2336
Xylene RE2326
Methanol RE2325
Vapor Pressure Standard HW6020
1. Lay the Vapor Pressure Standard (square glass) HW6020 on a level flat surface. Onto the glass, place 1 drop, in this order of: Xylene RE2326, Distilled Water RE2300, Methanol RE2325, Hexane RE2336 and the Unknown Organic Solvent.
2. Compare the evaporation rate of the unknown sample to these liquids with known vapor pressures (ap- proximate at 70°F).
3. On the Organic Analysis Form make a mark on the graph as an estimate of the Unknown Sample Vapor Pressure.



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