Beilstein Test Kit


The Beilstein test is a simple qualitative chemical test for organic halides. It was developed by Friedrich Konrad Beilstein. A copper wire is cleaned and heated in a Bunsen burner flame. Vapors from a sample to be tested are drawn into the torch air intake and pyrolyze. If the pyrolysis products contain halogen atoms (chlorinated solvents/pesticides, pcb’s, chlorinated degreasers/refrigerant oils, insulating fluids) they will react with the copper forming a copper halide and producing a brilliant blue-green flame. Propane Tank is not included with the Kit.
The Kit contains:
Copper Wire tool, Methanol, 40 tubes, 40 pipettes, Epoxy coated test tube rack, torch head, torch head stand, test tube clamp, Complete set of instructions.

Can be used as a Science Fair Project

Beilstein Kit tests for Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Solvents, PCB’s, Pesticides, Degreasers, Refrigerants & Halon Ext Agents. Determine if Haz Wastes contain these persistent and bio-accumulative substances for proper waste segregation