During the production of our HazCat Kits and their affiliated options, we have made a series of the latest technological and user friendly changes which will allow the kits to be used effectively in the field for an extended amount of time.  These changes enable the end user the ability to keep their original purchased kit in the most current condition. We offer refurbishing, which will allow any HazCat Kit, no matter how dated, to be brought up to the latest standard.  The refurbishing consists of the replacement of any reagents or hardware missing, damaged or expired in the HazCat Kit and the labor to install.

This service provides an alternative to repurchasing a HazCat Kit to replace an older version.  Refurbishing a HazCat Kit is a simple process with on average a 7-10 day turn around.  Shipping your HazCat Kit to us can be accomplished with specific directions mailed, phoned, faxed or electronically sent to the shipper.

If you have further inquiries please feel free to contact us.


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