COURSE OUTLINE HazCat® S1704-CA-026-RESP Industrial Chemical Course Level I

The materials contained in this class will introduce students to the skills necessary to make safe, informed decisions and comply with federal law regarding proper identification of unknown materials. Upon successful completion of this class, graduates will be able to demonstrate their ability to quickly and safely identify many of the most commonly spilled and abandoned hazardous materials. The course is available in condensed versions of 1-Day (Awareness), 2-Day, 3-Day, or the standard 4-Day.
Four (4) primary elements are emphasized throughout the Field Identification of Unknown Materials Workshop; tools, terms, tests and theory. The tools used in the HazCat® System are explained in the opening lecture. New terms and definitions are explained as they are encountered during class. The three (3) Gateway tests (OXIDIZER/ACID TEST, WATER SOLUBILITY TEST and the CHAR TEST COMPLEX) are demonstrated by the instructor during the initial Calcium Sulfate demonstration. These tests are called the Main Sequence Tests and form the basis for the entire system. The underlying chemical theory of the HazCat® System is explained throughout the course.
Day 1:

• Orientation and Administration – Lecture and Demonstration

• Introduction of the HazCat® System and Safety – Lecture and Demonstration

• Field Identification of Unknown Solid Chemicals – Laboratory and Demonstration

Day 2:

• Identification of Unknown Liquids – Lecture and Demonstration

• Field Identification of Unknown Liquids – Laboratory

• Field Identification of Acids – Laboratory and Demonstration

Day 3:

• Advanced Inorganic Materials – Lecture

• Field Identification of Advanced Inorganic Materials – Laboratory and Demonstration

• Organic Liquid Mixtures – Lecture • Field Identification of Organic Liquid Mixtures – Laboratory and Demonstration

Day 4:

• Metal Analysis – Lecture and Demonstration

• Advanced Char Test – Laboratory and Demonstration

• Field Identification Proficiency – Written • Field Identification Proficiency – Laboratory