S1706 Level III Specialist

The information imparted during this class will greatly enhance the abilities of those students who are already familiar and utilize HazCat techniques and skills. Graduates will be fully technically qualified to make safe, informed decisions and comply with federal law regarding proper identification of the entire range of unknown substances
After initial paperwork, orientation and safety lectures, students embark upon a thorough review of the main charts to refamiliarize themselves to basic HazCat procedures and terminology. Days two and three focus intensively on the Main Gateway Tests, Supplementary Charts such as Anions etc., Acids, Metal Analysis, Organic Analysis, and Mixtures.
Throughout the three day course, the underlying philosophy and chemical theory behind HazCat are emphasized to better enable students to meet and handle any situation they might encounter in the field of chemical identifications.

Course Description

Day 1

Orientation and Administration Lecture 0.5 hr
Safety Lecture 0.5 hr
Introduction Lecture 2.0 hr
Review of Main Charts Lecture 0.5 hr
Review of Main Charts Laboratory 4.0 hr
Gateway Test Discussion 0.5 hr

Day 2

Laboratory 8 hr
Gateway Tests
Oxidizer / Acid Test
Char Test
Water Solubility Test

Day 3

Laboratory 6 hr
Supplementary Charts
Metal Analysis
Organic Analysis
Mixtures Lecture and Laboratory Examinations 2 hr