Course Outline HazCat® S1805 WMD Course

The following four day course provides in-depth instruction to the WMD Testing System. During this course, students learn to detect threats posed by radiological sources, explosive substances, acid-oxidizers, treaty-banned chemical weapons, as well as sample collection technology for unknown evidentiary collection, and identification. Students also learn slide-making techniques and operation of the MicroCat® (upon request), a research-grade Leica® phasecontrast microscope equipped with a high definition video camera to facilitate detection of biological potentials, and to capture images.
Students will practice their skills at collecting and analyzing unknown bulk and disseminated nuclear, biological, or chemical agents.
Day 1:

• Orientation, and Administration

• System Overview – Lecture

• Radiological – Lecture

• Radiological – Laboratory

• Sample – Lecture

• Sample – Laboratory

• Explosive Test – Lecture

Day 2:

• Explosive Test – Laboratory

• Reactive Chemical Weapons – Lecture

• Reactive Chemical Weapons – Laboratory

• Non Water-Reactive Chemical Weapons – Lecture

• Non Water-Reactive Chemical Weapons – Laboratory

Day 3:

• Non Water-Reactive Chemical Weapons – Laboratory, Continued

• Biological Weapons – Lecture

• Biological Weapons – Laboratory

Day 4:

• Biological Weapons – Laboratory, Continued

• Full WMD Detection System – Lecture

• Full WMD Detection System – Laboratory

• Full WMD Detection System – Proficiency Examination