To: Whom it may concern,
Due to the small amount of chemicals and types of chemicals, we can ship via passenger air or ground using excepted quantity, 49 CFR 173.4. In order to have a shipment meet this exception, the inner packages must be of a small amount and packaged according to the individual specifications of that chemical.
Use at least a 200lb/ 75lb rated fiberboard box (cardboard) for the outer package. Insulate the inside of box with appropriate padding and absorbent material, i.e. peanuts, newspaper, brown packing paper and/or vermiculite if available. Place 1oz. bottles in a plastic zip lock type bag. Seal box with packing tape and place arrows up on two opposite sides. Place a label or notation on outside of box that states the following: This package conforms to: 49 CFR 173.4. For domestic highway or rail transport onl.y. This states that the substances in that box are within excepted variables to ship via air or ground in that type of package.
If you need assistance on shipping tags let us know when the package is ready and we can issue a call tag thru UPS.
If there are any other questions or if you need clarity on this subject please feel free to contact us.
HazTech Systems, Inc. 1-800-543-5487