Unknown Chemical Identification Kits,  HazCat ® Training, and OSHA  Compliance Training
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Training you can trust!

Our certified and experienced HazCat instructors have taught workshops, including DHS-CA-RESP-026 & DHS-CA-RESP-028, to companies and governmental agencies throughout the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. Clients include Los Angeles County Fire, Sheriff and Health Departments; Environmental Protection Agency Western Region; U.S. Navy Support Team, Antarctica; and Westinghouse-Hanford to name just a few. Additional names of other satisfied clients are available on request.

We train…

  • Fire fighters
  • Haz Mat responders
  • Drug enforcers
  • Waste site workers
  • Investigators
  • Bulk transporters
  • Household hazardous waste collection workers
  • Hygienists
  • Toxicologists
  • EMS personnel

Any worker that must meet the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120(q), CCR Title 8 section 5192, and National Fire Protection Association Standard 472

With emphasis on…

  • Safety – Students are taught proper procedures for safely handling toxic, flammable and reactive substances.
  • Familiarity – Students work with the hazardous materials most likely to be encountered in the field, as indicated by lists of the most frequent industrial spills compiled by the EPA and other agencies.
  • Confidence – With the experience gained under controlled classroom conditions, responders can approach the identification of totally unknown materials with confidence and competence.
  • Background – Origin of the materials and the toxicology of handling spilled materials are thoroughly discussed.

Thoroughness – Students are drilled in the importance of looking for secondary characteristics even after a classification has been established.